The Book of Life:
An Owner’s Manual

“I have known Larry for about 45 years. I have never before written a book review. I was not asked to do this. Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, The Bible, Napoleon Hill, these are only some of the authors I read over and over again. The books seem to change with my ever-changing evolution. Congratulations Larry. You did it! I hold you among the greatest spiritual warriors and authors of my time. We have spent some limited time over the years socializing and yet I have somehow infused most of your most important teachings into my experience here on planet earth. I used to observe Larry and try to emulate him. The good news is I am here, and I am where GOD wants me. In 1976 Larry said a few words to me. He suggested I turn my dental practice to “Holistic”. Today I save lives by repairing Iatrogenic Health Issues. Every life I save, the credit might as well go to Sir Lawrence. If you are on a similar spiritual path to get back home, then buy this book. Read it on a regular basis. I love how Larry covers Jesus, love, sex, relationships, and health in paradigms not traditionally used to explore these important human rights and gifts. I love it not only because it is one of the world’s greatest spiritual manuals. I love it because I see it as the culmination of a lifetime of love and compassion.

You deserve this, Larry.”
Dr. Alan Steiner, DMD


My mentor and boss Larry Heisler finally published his book after 40 years in the making.
Let me tell you a little something about Larry. He is the REAL DEAL and has dedicated his life to be of love and service. A true inspiration and a true human being.
As for this book, I have had the absolute pleasure of having a few sneak peaks and cannot wait for my copy to arrive!!!
Do your soul a favor and purchase this book!
Support his labor of love!

Dariana Walters, LMT

Soft Tissue Revolution
The New Bodywork Paradigm

“I love this book….
thank you so much for doing this! Should be in every therapist’s library for quick reference!
And it should be in EVERY massage school!” 

Mike Hinkle, founder of the World Massage Festival and Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

“A book for the therapist that wants to change lives, including their own. Master Therapist, Larry Heisler leaves his legacy in words for the next generation of massage therapists. His years of experience as therapist, educator, patient and therapist advocate transform all who come in contact with him. It is the reason pro-athletes and celebrities traveled great distances for treatment at his New Jersey clinic. Larry is a visionary and passes the torch of his knowledge to all who desire to see the massage profession taken to the next level. When I think of the next level, I think, “Larry!”

Elisa DiFalco, M.S., OT, LMT
An American Pioneer in Manual Lymph Drainage
Director, MLD Institute International

“An extraordinary book from an extraordinary man, Soft Tissue Revolution will change the way we approach bodywork!”

Kathleen A. McCready, LMT
Former Prima Ballerina of the New Jersey Ballet
Master Personal Trainer (Jack LaLanne’s #1 at Bally’s)

The Book of Life:
An Owner’s Manual

An extraordinary little book that answers the biggest spiritual questions of life, in an intelligent and inspiring way. I highly recommend it.

Kathleen A. McCready, LMT
Former Prima Ballerina of the New Jersey Ballet
Master Personal Trainer (Jack LaLanne’s #1 at Bally’s)

5.0 out of 5 stars Give yourself the gift of thought! Highly recommend this read
Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2022
Verified Purchase

Emphatically recommend this phenomenal read!! Much like walking around a buffet selection of different foods to savor, your mind will certainly be enticed by the variety of “thought offerings” contained within the pages of The Book of Life by Larry Heisler, M.A., LMT. I found myself wanting to go back into the chapters known as “Commandments”, to re-read sections as they impacted both cognitions and ensuing behaviors. Reading this spiritual text was akin to locating a road map to the daily inner workings of what drives you, what energizes you, what inspires you to do great things, for yourself and towards the people around you. As you read, you’ll find yourself, your body, your brain, and your mind expand and fill with creative ways of thinking regarding topics such as love, forgiveness, divinity, living a life of service, and many more to list. Powerful game changing “assignments” you can and will want to apply to life immediately. Serve yourself a heaping plate full of human electricity and rock the light of love that’s around and inside of you. To quote one of my favorite lines in the book “I fully expect amazing things to happen every day, and they do” Feed yourself, nourish yourself. Buy this book. 

Laura Marchese Sidoti, LCSW, LMT

5.0 out of 5 stars Life Instructions made real
Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2022
Verified Purchase

I am an intellectual, a word smith, a lawyer. I grew up Catholic where everything was black or white, right or wrong. I am a “show me the evidence” kind of person. If you don’t have proof, I mean hard proof I can see with my own eyes, I don’t believe you. So how did I wind up with Larry Heisler as my life teacher. I don’t know what really brought us together. I know I wanted a back massage but that can’t be the reason he has been in my life for 40 years. Larry has been trying to teach me about Life for all this time. Some days I get it and most days I am in a fog of busy, busy, busy. But now he wrote it all down for you, for me and for the world. Read a little every day or devour it all at once but go back to it over and over again. It will change your life. PS. I never wrote a book review before, and he did not ask me to write this. 

Ann O’Flanagan, Esq.

“Dearest Larry,

I’m sitting by the ocean floor, listening to the waves doing their dance. I reread your awesome book and plan to use it as my bible. Your words heightened my soul, and I became more energized with your wisdom.

When I was in my early twenties, I experienced something that I will share with you. I was sitting quietly when all of a sudden, I had this vision of worms exiting all of my extremities. Suddenly this golden light filled my body and as I went about my day, I saw auras around people. I didn’t know what all this meant at the time, but I was filled with such peace and solitude. Maybe I was experiencing a g_d winking moment. I’ve never forgotten that experience and after reading your book I believe I am more understanding of what happened to me over 60 years ago.

Thank you, Larry.
I am so grateful and appreciative of your “Book of Life.”
I have purchased 8 copies for dear friends and family.

Sending big hugs. 
Love, Pamela”

“This book is amazing!

“This book is amazing!
Steven Belkin, M.S., Ed

“One of the best reads of my life!”

Theresa Menagh, RN, MT, CMLDT
former assistant director of nursing

“Thank you,
Larry for writing a book full of life-changing information.
Easy to read and enlightening.
I love it!

Rita Heap, Minister, Meditation teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner