The Books

Soft Tissue Revolution

The Commandments in the book are supported with lessons accentuated with true life stories.
Like spiritual parables of old, they are teeming with inspiration and drenched in wonder and spirit.

As my beloved spiritual mentor, the meditation master, Hilda Charlton often reminded us, “Cubby hole your opinion for a time kids, let its energy interact with you and see what comes of it. If it rings true deep down, then embrace it with an inner eye and an open heart.” She was also fond of saying, “Eat these words, digest them, and put them directly into action!



A message from Laura Sidoti, LPC, LMT

To all massage therapists out there who think, “I want to set myself apart.”

“Soft Tissue Revolution is the culmination of massage master Larry Heisler’s nearly 50 years of tackling soft tissue injuries, pains and complaints and his book includes the hands-on root teachings and protocols he uses daily. Larry is the founder and director of the longest running school of massage in New Jersey.

Aside from his deep tissue/medical massage training, this 2019 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame recipient was originally schooled in macrobiotic barefoot shiatsu and healing by his revered Sensei, macrobiotic grandmasters, Michio Kushi, Masahiro Oki and Shizuko Yamamoto.

What makes Larry’s book so fascinating is the inclusion of how nutritional excesses can and do clearly affect soft tissue. As he puts it.

“The condition of compromised and overworked internal organs, influence fascia and the energetic pathways called meridians. That, in turn, negatively influences the surrounding soft tissue.

By combining deep tissue and trigger point work to break up hardness and inflexibility and then by addressing the energetic meridian and pressure point blockages,
we have found a way to prevent the rigidity of aging or as Larry puts it, “We attempt to stop the rigor mortise from setting in.”

For me, Larry’s approach to bodywork has more down to earth implications. For decades, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 4,500 hours of supervised training and yet my hands-on approach to healing as a massage therapist has given me more satisfaction and success than all the hours of psychotherapy I provided to my patients. I’m now booked weeks in advance, with my clientele routinely telling me that my massage, was the best of their lives.Thank you, Larry.
Now that’s what I call a great teacher!”

Laura Sidoti, LPC, LMT


“A revelation!
This amazing book explores the energetic origins of soft tissue complaints.”
Theresa Menagh, RN, MT, CMLDT
Former Assistant Director of Nursing


The Book of Life

An Owner’s Manual

I was blessed to be educated at great NYC schools;
my spiritual mentors were some of the most influential
teachers of the twentieth century.

To this day, I try and leave each person I meet
with an inspiration.

After a lifetime of reading voraciously, I’m still looking
for that ONE exceptional source that explains things,
a cookbook of life.

You know when you buy a new car,
it comes with an owner’s manual.
Need information about the new car?
It’s in the book.
Should be the same with humans.

When you are born, you get a book,

This would be the one book that I can hand a person
and honestly say, “Read this, and you’ll get it.”
So, this book was created
to be an owner’s manual for humans.

It is a spiritual text that will directly answer
why you are here and get this…
how to fulfill your life’s purpose and destiny.

Yeah, big stuff.
but at least you will have a roadmap and compass.





“Dearest Larry,

I’m sitting by the ocean floor, listening to the waves doing their dance. I reread your awesome book and plan to use it as my bible. Your words heightened my soul, and I became more energized with your wisdom.

When I was in my early twenties, I experienced something that I will share with you. I was sitting quietly when all of a sudden, I had this vision of worms exiting all of my extremities. Suddenly this golden light filled my body and as I went about my day, I saw auras around people. I didn’t know what all this meant at the time, but I was filled with such peace and solitude. Maybe I was experiencing a g_d winking moment. I’ve never forgotten that experience and after reading your book I believe I am more understanding of what happened to me over 60 years ago. Thank you, Larry.

“I am so grateful and appreciative of your “Book of Life”. I have purchased 8 copies for dear friends and family. Sending big hugs.”
Love, Pamela


“This book is amazing!”
Steven Belkin, M.S. Ed


“One of the best reads of my life!”
Theresa Menagh, RN, MT, CMLDT
former assistant director of nursing


“Thank you, Larry for writing a book full of life-changing information.
Easy to read and enlightening.

I love it!”
Rita Heap, Minister, Meditation teacher, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner