The Books

Soft Tissue Revolution

The New Bodywork Paradigm

Massage Hall of Fame recipient Larry Heisler, MA, LMT, has written a game-changing text for anyone involved in the field of soft tissue massage. This book is filled with golden nuggets of insight from a massage therapist who founded the longest-running school of massage in New Jersey. He has literally taught thousands upon thousands of licensed therapists and has personally performed over sixty thousand massage therapy sessions.

“An extraordinary book from an extraordinary man, Soft Tissue Revolution will change the way we approach bodywork!”

  • Kathleen A. McCready, LMT massage therapist, master personal trainer,
    and former prima ballerina of the New Jersey Ballet




The Book of Life

An Owner’s Manual

I have been teaching since 1972. Everything and anything that was inspirational. It was always a quest, a search for the higher road, the missing chord.

I was blessed to be educated at great NYC schools; my spiritual mentors were some of the most influential teachers of the twentieth century. To this day, I try and leave each person I meet with an inspiration.

After a lifetime of reading voraciously, I’m still looking for that ONE exceptional source that explains things, a cookbook of life. You know when you buy a new car, it comes with an owner’s manual.

Need information about the new car? It’s in the book. Should be the same with humans.

When you are born, you get a book, a BOOK THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

This would be the one book that I can hand a person and honestly say, “Read this, and you’ll get it.”

So, this book was created to be an owner’s manual for humans. It is a spiritual text that will directly answer why you are here and get this…how to fulfill your life’s purpose and destiny. Yeah, big stuff.

YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO WALK THE PATH but at least you will have a roadmap and compass.

The Commandments in the book are supported with lessons accentuated with true life stories.

Like spiritual parables of old, they are teeming with inspiration and drenched in wonder and spirit.

As my spiritual mentor, the meditation master, Hilda Charlton often reminded us, “Cubby hole your opinions for a time kids, let its energy interact with you and see what comes of it. If it rings true deep down, then embrace it with an inner eye and an open heart.” She was also fond of saying, “Eat these words, digest them, and put them directly into action.”